As ugly snow the millions fell
Like last breaths of lives lost in hell
Billowed from the oven’s evil bowel
Limp bodies fired cheek by jowl

While yet more, showered in gas
Fell one on other to lifeless mass.
Busy people, feeding rows of fire
Like the gaping mouths of hell’s choir

Elsewhere the shoes were piled high
Stripped from those that queued to die
To become the grey and ash filled cloud
To fall like snow to a deathly shroud

As pictures fade and grass grows green
This story of where the world has been
To a receeding world, in language plain
Death like this. Never again.


the misogyny meme

what seemed accepted
now feels neglected
the equality giver
failed to deliver
crawling too slow
for the status quo
beckoning a litany
of hate-filled misogyny
men threaten rape
like a tool of debate
abusing gender
in the machismo blender
deployed against women
strong, confident women
making their case
that the equality race
was never run


the ship awaits us all
invitation to another shore
upon the final boarding call
before the dark forevermore
soon the sails will surrender
to the course beneath the veil
we will wave as we remember
the light before the pale
taken by the gentle breeze
we will watch them sail away
’till soon the last of life leaves
in the dusk of their final day

Love Letter From The NRA

Like the tick of a clock, again we see
Innocents torn away
We recoil in shock and Americans agree
Today is finally the day.
Then the NRA with threat and thrall
Denude all naked fact,
Their politicians in tow, their clarion call
Blithely decries the act
While within their hollow blue steel hearts
Hateful abuse ferments,
Waiting for when the campaign starts,
Pleading for gun sense.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, it’s coming again,
Who’s child is next to die?
The parents will scream their children’s name
Whilst the NRA will deny.
Their dollars buy the cold, bloodied hands
Of the politicians vile.
Ignoring the families grieving demands,
Sat on their money pile.
Fuck you GOP, you’re steeped in death,
Proxy child killers one and all.
You dance to the sound of their dying breath
Answering the NRA call.

Second Amendment

Ragged threads from now to then,
From gun massacres to Minutemen,
Stretched to a point past all that’s wise,
Kept for the toy soldiers to bastardise.

Like cancer grown from historical lines.
Illness inculcated from ancient designs.
A sea of guns bringing wave after wave,
Of innocents sent to a premature grave.

Watch power and corruption perpetuate
Fear in the feckless of a gun sense debate.
Land of the weak, and land of the scared
Land of the broken, can’t be repaired.