Divining Hope

Can you hear the voices
From all your yesterdays
Berating you your choices
Lamenting your malaise
Or do you see the beacon
Lighting your tomorrows
Allowing you to keep on
Whatever life bestows

Will you add a plaintive word
To the disappointed shroud
Your heart descend deterred
Descending to your cloud
Or can you find your own nirvana
With your face turned to the sun
In the collection of your karma
Until the supernal day is done


The Grind

Take care of the days as they pass you by
Like gentle waves on your shore
Becoming the afterglow of a life less lived
Like shadows of the days before
The grinding path collides with the shoe
Life passing you by beneath
Another mile of the same old journey
Driven by the same old belief.

Change your step to change your direction
Resent the waste of your verve
Deny the passing of unloved, unlived days
Living less than a life you deserve
When the uneven path fits your ungainly gait
Felicity in stride and pace
You’ll be travelling to a different somewhere
Living life within your new space.

Nature’s Pendulum

As darkness encroaches upon the day
And sun struggles to keep cold at bay
Autumn stalks like the predator prowls
As the dying days scream in silent yowls

Summer surrenders like wounded prey
Yearns a blue memory as it turns away
While autumn spreads its dark dominion
Gathering its withered and golden brethren

Descends the end like a tattered shroud
Mist torn summer quiescently bowed
And kingdoms go while kingdoms come
The inexorable swing of nature’s pendulum


Do I see what lies outside
Life within the lines, defined
Confined by society?
Is it me, or is it we that decide
Where conformance falls?
I help to set that line, so
Isn’t responsibility mine?
I turn away from where
The detritus resides beside
Their favourite door,
Then hate my provinciality
For hating their reality.
This isn’t me, I say to myself,
My conscience is intact,
While, in fact, it is my act
Of diffidence that
Makes the difference
To them.

Foster Care

Jimmy doesn’t swim in the river
Mummy doesn’t like life that way
He’s waiting for the next big rainfall
Fighting time and yearning to play

Jimmy’s never seen a new sunrise
He lives in the hour before dawn
Daddy has run away to the nightfall
Away from the day he was born

Jimmy has his own secret garden
Behind his own closed doors
Happiness is there in abundance
Away from unforgiving shores

Our Jimmy is a slow growing flower
Like a wind up toy winding down
His petals will open full to their glory
Once mummy has lost her crown

Another Lonely Day

She stretches to turn the light out
For darkness in which to cry
These lonely days,
These while aways,
Refuse to pass her by.

She hasn’t spoken returned words
For many a voiceless week
No whispered tell
Or lustful yell
Not bade nor called to speak

She counts the days for nothing,
But to know the number’s name
One day more
Now fifty-four
With number one the same

A dream of discourse defines the day
Amid her well worn sleeps
Now silence real
At silent meal
Save tear falls as she weeps

Tomorrow she’ll keep another hushed day
But at least she’ll be alive
One day more
Once fifty-four
Now turns to fifty-five.

Made in Britain

she lives her lows
as stains on the soul
her lonely gains
for lying with unknown
living without hunger
so she fakes wild,
thinks of the child
she’s left at home.

without any love,
but approximation of
she lays kisses
on unacquainted lips.
to live tomorrow,
she salves her sorrow
for hope defiled,
thinks of the child
she’s left at home.

absent respect
expectations of sex
drives her fall.
life is right here
the necessity zoo
where you do what you do
even coming undone
keeps her smile wide,
thinking of the child
she’s left at home.