Another Lonely Day

She stretches to turn the light out
for darkness in which to cry.
These lonely days,
these while aways,
fefuse to pass her by.

She hasn’t spoken returned words
for many a voiceless week.
No whispered tell
nor lustful yell,
not bade nor called to speak

She counts the days for nothing,
but to know the number’s name.
One day more
now fifty-four
with number one the same

A dream of discourse defines the day
amid her well worn sleeps
Now silence real
at silent meal,
save tear falls as she weeps

Tomorrow she’ll keep another hushed day
but at least she’ll be alive.
One day more,
once fifty-four,
now turns to fifty-five.


Finding Air

in the sweet air
of an ended storm
thoughts like
new babes born
ideas like excited bees
swarming like
a growing breeze
and towering truths
like towering trees
awake again
and moving dust
blown away in
a new day gust.


Don’t you wish you could eat and eat,
And eat and eat and eat and eat?
Don’t you wish you could fade the fat
While you scoff and stuff and gulp and that?
Don’t you wish your craving bone
Could be disavowed, be disowned!
No magic potions and pointless praying
Just diet and diet and endless weighing.
Succumbing to photoshopped perfection
Comparing impossible to a too-real reflection.
Don’t you just wish that the need to be thin
Was more about you, than the size of your skin?

Class War

Do you think you’re safe
From the welfare war
Cloistered within your indignance wet dream
Cheering the toy soldiers
Strip searching the poor
Looking for the last of their self-esteem
Do you sneer at the scroungers
Parasites on society
Are you revelling in the depth of their fall
Cheering the toy soldiers
Their moneyed piety
Bringing the proud-upright down to a crawl
Pray fate doesn’t soon turn
To tearing you down
To a place at the new faux-welfare table
There’s no safety there now
That bird has flown
Welcome to your own scrounger label

The Freedom Bell

Education is the freedom bell
We ring with each new lesson,
Its strength is in the truth we tell
Knowledge, its resulting blessing.
No gender in the gift that is given,
No dictum in its innocent supply.
No evil within their beauty written
Freedom in what they exemplify.

Against the craven purveyors of fears
They grasp their ambition to bloom
Like explorers defying ungiving frontiers
They claim their seat in their classroom.
To learn, to grow, gain emancipation
They study, they absorb, they acquire
The deliverance inherent in education,
The state of self to which they aspire.

No man in his ignorant denial of right
Can repress a desirous, vibrant mind
Yet the anxious dogs continue to fight
And there, their immorality is defined.
Humanity demands we are equal and free
Education divests us, of an ill placed chain,
So we fight for and nurture the knowledge tree
For all children, and the rights they attain.

Winter’s End

I wish I was that wispy cloud
Hovering above my head
Far from the stifling, acrid crowd
With winter coats unshed
Spring pervades perfect skies
As clear as crystal glass
Summons a smile to the lifted eyes
Above the dour impasse
Still, the vestiges of winter’s night
Lays across skittish minds
’till with the dawn of new day’s light
The last of winter unwinds


I wish I was much stronger
With a never ending will
Where possibilities abound
Without a happy pill
But I’m just fucking not
I’m an easy broken mess
If a glass is holding water
Well, take a fucking guess.
I need a drink to make it
Through an average day
And once the bottle empties
There’s another on its way.
So leave me to myself
I know this, it’s my ‘thing’
It’s just my fucking life, and
Here, I’m the fucking King.