Foster Care

Jimmy doesn’t swim in the river
Mummy doesn’t like life that way
He’s waiting for the next big rainfall
Fighting time and yearning to play

Jimmy’s never seen a new sunrise
He lives in the hour before dawn
Daddy has run away to the nightfall
Away from the day he was born

Jimmy has his own secret garden
Behind his own closed doors
Happiness is there in abundance
Away from unforgiving shores

Our Jimmy is a slow growing flower
Like a wind up toy winding down
His petals will open full to their glory
Once mummy has lost her crown


Nature’s Pendulum

As darkness encroaches upon the day
And sun struggles to keep cold at bay
Autumn stalks like the predator prowls
As the dying days scream in silent yowls
Summer surrenders like wounded prey
Yearns a blue memory as it turns away
While autumn spreads its dark dominion
Gathering its withered and golden brethren
Descends the end like a tattered shroud
Mist-torn summer quiescently bowed
And kingdoms go while kingdoms come
The inexorable swing of nature’s pendulum

Divining Hope

Can you hear the voices
From all your yesterdays
Berating you your choices
Lamenting your malaise
Or do you see the beacon
Lighting your tomorrows
Allowing you to keep on
Whatever life bestows

Will you add a plaintive word
To the disappointed shroud
Your heart descend deterred
Descending to your cloud
Or can you find your own nirvana
With your face turned to the sun
In the collection of your karma
Until the supernal day is done

End It Now

The world watches
while blood is drawn,
while slaughter pervades their TV,
I see it myself,
I watch it myself,
come consume futile death with me.
What will we do?
What can be done?
Can the world abrogate their vile wars?
Where are they,
the “leaders of men”,
while children’s blood washes up on their shore?
They spout words
of freshly bagged piety
and then return to their cloistered domain.
Guess it’s us then,
we’re the voice of the just,
we’re the drivers for peace once again.
Shout out loud
that enough is enough,
shout, end it now, end it now, end it now!
Join the call
and our voices will ring,
cry, end it now, end it now, end it now!

Tickets to The Show

Are you a pointer? A giggler?
Earnest whisperer?
Do you put on your faux plastic frown?
Head shaker? Face maker?
Picture taker?
Is your smartphone recording the “clown”?

YouTube the “nutter”?
A “funny” video?
Let the world enjoy, the High Street attraction.
Do you know of them?
Or care about them?
For you to place ridicule, above your compassion.

They could easily be you,
You, easily them.
A broken world spinning around in your head,
Needing of care
Without ridicule
More, the compassion of society instead.

Care for the person inside,
Traversing their mind,
Turning corners and resorting to the dance.
Take your soft hands to theirs,
To impart your care,
To understand, and then ignore their circumstance.

Leaving You

Turn away from your mirror life
There’s only shadows there
Free yourself of perfection strife
You’re the paragon of everywhere
Tomorrow is on the other side
Yesterday a different time
Strap yourself in, enjoy the ride
Changing, every step that you climb
Arrival rebirth of the unchained mind
Today taking steps on your new ground
And self will be whatever you find
Self worth, the new you that you found


I’m climbing out of my headspace
Discarding my usual name
Looking out for a brand new story
Away from the man I became

The start of a new perfect tomorrow
At the end of a perfect today
Where time walks with me, beside me
Never trying to push me away

The world bends herewith my direction
Watching me chase new shoes
The path is a bright new singular garden
For growing and recanting my dues

Come with me to choose your new truth
‘neath the beat of spreading wings
Come all to the fountain of free thinking
It’s time to declare ourselves kings