Leaving You

Turn away from your mirror life
There’s only shadows there
Free yourself of perfection strife
You’re the paragon of everywhere
Tomorrow is on the other side
Yesterday a different time
Strap yourself in, enjoy the ride
Changing, every step that you climb
Arrival rebirth of the unchained mind
Today taking steps on your new ground
And self will be whatever you find
Self worth, the new you that you found


The Linear Momentum of Time

once the hour was
ignorant of the day
built upon the light
and the darkness.
the night became
had no name
each day the same
end to end
until one by one
a year was done,
long and old.

so starts again
the hours, as leaves
upon the trees
as many as stars
days like trees
in forests full
and light and dark,
the leaf and bark,
come and gone
until one by one
a year was done,
long and old.

tomorrow arrives
as days are done,
stars and sun,
like the rivers run
wild and free,
wending ways,
days and days
in quickened flow
until one by one
a year was done
shorter grown.

then the day
is ignorant of the hour
like sparks upon the fire
flicker till gone
the flash of light
and blink of night
a year ablaze
and days and days
flash be done
a year is gone
like a shooting star.

now years
like a ticking clock
temporal shock
here and gone,
a beat of life
another one done
until one by one
the years have gone
the eve of dawn
for a final morn.


You start with
a place upon the driven isle
fingers finally feeling
paltry purchase.
The machine
starts to do for you
even as it sees through you
as you fall
for its foolish charms,
for the
cultured dreams
of success.
Feel the machine
begin to throb beneath you,
instil belief to
and ride
and ride
feeling the hours roaring,
days dawning like
an annual morning,
a time warning
the machine whirring,
thinking you’re beginning
to get there
it stops,
and you find
you’re sitting at
the same place,
different fucking chair.

The Grind

Take care of the days as they pass you by
Like gentle waves on your shore
Becoming the afterglow of a life less lived
Like shadows of the days before
The grinding path collides with the shoe
Life passing you by beneath
Another mile of the same old journey
Driven by the same old belief.

Change your step to change your direction
Resent the waste of your verve
Deny the passing of unloved, unlived days
Living less than a life you deserve
When the uneven path fits your ungainly gait
Felicity in stride and pace
You’ll be travelling to a different somewhere
Living life within your new space.

Illusionary Sunshine

I’ve turned to face the mirror
to see whether I shine.
Am I building, or dropping litter?
A smile-faker by design?
Turn the lights on to see it all,
truth in the sudden glow.
Our dreams have all gone awol,
gone to watch the show.
Have we wandered away too far
From our road to salvation?
Playing games in hell’s boudoir
to sew our own damnation.
Turn to face your filthy sunbeams,
you’re never faking rain.
The summer isn’t what it seems,
it’s the end of truth, again.

Imaginary Sunlight

It was time for his dreams again last night
at the stoop of his yellowed door,
a beautiful dream of imagined sunlight,
of lifting his eyes from the floor,
where he followed a life of different design
days lived like burgeoning flowers
kindled by the rays of a different sunshine
in the passing of different hours.
The passage of time like a crystal stream
with a clarity of hope and desire
’till it meandered away to a crumbled dream
his illusions thrown onto the fire.
He rose to return to the bosom of the day
and it’s shabbily yellowed door,
back to travelling his true path and true way
the veneer of a life that he wore.