‪How far out of balance has our national morality become?

On the one hand we force loving parents to allow their child to die, in order to “end his suffering”. We bring the full weight of the law against his parents, in their wish to travel every road before giving up on their son.

On the other side of these maculated scales, a man in full cognisance of his terminal condition and wishing to end his own suffering, we force to endure an unbearable end of life.

I am proud of the Britain beneath my feet, but I despair of the nation we have become.


Manchester Arena

Yes you’re angry, we all are. However, if you attack Muslims and other minorities in the name of last night’s Manchester bomb attack, it’s not because you’re angry, it’s because you are racist, and last night has just given you a convenient excuse.

People of every race, colour and religion will have been shocked and outraged by this barbaric act. Holding Muslims and other minorities responsible for sick people is a bit like holding me responsible for the sad, pathetic, sick people who even still idolise and hero-worship Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.