Putin vs Croquet

If I could get up on a stage
I would be up on a stage,
Putin is a killer
and he should be in a cage,
the truth in this
is that.

He has shat all over
the Syrian plight,
a madman spoiling
for an easy fight.
Aleppo fitted the bill.

he likes to ride horses
with theatrical bare chest,
so we’ll think he’s strong.
Wake up Vlad,
put your vest back on,
you think
killing children
makes us fear you?
It’s clear you
believe you’re not mad?
You are.

You’re like a mad dog
hiding it’s mad bone
while the whole world watches
you digging your hole.
You must be smoking something,
“Vlad the inhaler”,
chunking weed
while training your lizard,
to spit on demand,
an emotional failure
with weed in your hand,
Go home Vlad.

If only he was a man of his word
we’ve heard the shit he says.
It means nothing.
On he goes
while the world plays
self interest croquet.
It’s them through the hoops
while he plays with his troops
and trains his lizard
to spit on demand.


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