I learned
a new something,
in the paradigm game,
gender inequality
is the same
as it’s always been.
I’ll set the scene:
the Harry Potter girl
stands and shows me
feminism is a flag
we should all unfurl
because it frees me
and in this, she is me,
and I am her.
I thought I knew
where we were
in this narrow time,
since the paradigm
began to shift.
feminism was,
or so I thought,
a woman’s fight
for an equal right
for equal pay.
I see it now.
I need to say,
the fight is mine too,
my life
straddles the line too,
and feminism is
a clarion call
for one and all.
that equality isn’t
a mountain to climb
a battle to win,
that women are in
it’s a high water line
in the paradigm
and for you, for Emma,
for me,
it’s time.


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