Family Man

One little baby
Joins the human race
My little baby
With screwed up little face
And tiny little toes
Beautiful little eyes
Turned up little nose

A year or so and then
Another baby born
Helpless and demanding
Naked and shorn
Now I’m devoted
And a family man
This moment I truly feel
As if my life has just began

Another night of passion
Another grunting birth
Another wrinkled mass
Screaming for all it’s worth
And baby makes five
And an overcrowded house
Another sleepless spell
And a haggard, harried spouse

Then another bloody baby
Raises it’s bloody head
Another gaping mouth
Yarling to be fed
I love my family dearly
Though they’ll hound me to my grave
Where, at least I’ll get some peace
Which, I’ve lately come to crave.


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