Think About It

It’s all about
the pink.
Is it me, or they
that drive the
things I say?
Is it you?
Or is it them,
those people who
shout the loudest
and sound the proudest
of their message?
Surely, that’s preposterous
your mind
is your mind, and
that shit is lost on us.
I don’t wish to be unkind
I’m gonna.
Wake up!
We listen and dismiss them,
we might even, a little,
diss them,
but do we ever shout louder?
If the answer’s “No”, then
aren’t we perpetuating?
Oh, this news just late in,
the streets are like a
and here am I,
I make no sound.
I’m saying now,
and so should you,
my pink is my own,
I’ll do what I’ll do.


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