Waiting For The Day

In the early joyous days of Yule
Where child excites to run from school,
Frosted noses and hanging breath,
Icy skies and sky-blue fresh.
Children imbued with Christmas song
Wait and wait as days grow long,
’til here, the day of eve spins wild
Ticks and tocks upon every child.
While yet Saint Nick prepares his sleigh
With lanterns glowing to light his way.
About the towns the fall of night
Delights the throng ‘neath Noël light.
’til beds awaiting impossible sleep,
Tight closed eyes and counted sheep,
Brings magic slumber to ease the thrill
And about the house the thrall grows still.
Joy and all wondrous colourful things,
Toys and all Saint Nicholas brings,
Spread around the green and shining tree
Awaiting children all dressed in glee.
And lo, they spring to suddenly wake
To shriek and chime each noise they make
These gifts of Christmas once more borne
Upon a bright and crisp December’s morn


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