The Cotton Fields of Washington

A black man rose to Presidency
or so the narrative goes.
America’s greatest experiment
in its final furious throes.
Barack Obama got the White House
but he didn’t get the keys,
they stood him up to knock him down,
to bring him to his knees.
Shackled to his skin and whipped
by the Massa on the hill.
Go on now, be a good nigger or
we’ll never pass your bill.
He gave them care for the poor and troubled
while klans bereft of hoods
tried marching Obamacare to a lynching,
a hanging in the woods.
Their opposition carries undercurrents
of foisted social change.
They may have had to have their black man
but, no way they’ll turn the page.


3 thoughts on “The Cotton Fields of Washington

  1. Savage poem in all the right ways.

    Obama as a posterboy for change was successful in a lot of ways, but his legacy is not one that should be overshadowed by the fact he was the first black president. Bombing numerous countries and just pushing through a bill to allow the NSA even greater surveillance powers are not something we should forget in a happy, retrospective gaze.

    Who knows what his legacy will be for black America. It’s for Trump to decide, I suppose, and whether he reels back on everything Obama might or might not have achieved for Black Americans.

    Good poem, thanks for making me think out loud.

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    1. I agree. It should in no way be suggested that Obama made no mistakes, as he clearly did. However, it should also be remembered that he was stymied most of the way by Republican domination of the apparatus of power. I believe his intentions were mostly honourable and chiefly predicated on social change and equality.

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      1. You’re right. I’ve no doubt on the goodness of his character. He became President at an extremely difficult time. Considering the circumstances, I think we’ve all been treated very well by him.

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