you suddenly have no phone
do you feel alone?
yet your list of friends
never ends
a pixel flower,
like a dream of food
in your fasting hour
nary a crumb
nor shadow of one
searching for shadows
when daylight has gone

a bad situation
of no friends
in a world where
friends are acquired
as an instant creation
with emoji smiles
of Disney exiles

phone friends I have made
and never bade
even reasonable mornings
are just words on my screen
like low battery warnings
they’re not Real
flesh over bone
still there
when your life
is no longer a phone
now your phone has gone

‘cept it isn’t
it still dominates you
occasionally hates you
always fixates you
with the tuneless dance
put it down
enjoy moments
time with friends at hand
eye to eye
making real plans
born of real smiles while
the world walks by
heads down


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