Usain Bolt

theatre first
all antics and play
swagger and soirée
before business begins.
then he retreats
while the world take their seats
holding their breath
he, all focus and grace
ahead of the moment
down in his blocks
as one with the clocks
tick tock,
tick tock,
The starting gun cocks.

Rising, like a growing need
A surging, unbridled steed
Reaching, summoning speed
Like flowing gold
Seismic and balletic
Mesmeric in flow
His world in tow
Beauty in motion
A glorious ride
Race against time
Greatness of stride
Line to line
Victory is his
And mine.

the lightning bolt
back to the show
his world in tow
breathing again
history like rain
as witnesses
of a new sublime
moment of time
frozen in his name


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