President Trump

surely cannot be
so nihilistic
as to want a
misognyistic bigot
as President
disgusting moms,
and punishing
women with bold voice
who choose choice.

surely cannot be
so imprudent
as to want a
racist caricature
as President
promising more
with each bawl
about Mexico’s wall
and cleansing America
of the Muslim poor

surely cannot be
so naive
as to blithely believe
pinhead policy
microscopic creed
could really be
what they need
as President.

surely cannot be
ready for
another war
body bags mounting
and counting
too late for debate
their President shouting
from the top of his tree
“it’s gonna be so great”
do they really want that
as President?


4 thoughts on “President Trump

  1. I’ve nominated you for the bloggers Liebster Award as I really enjoy your poems. I hope you don’t mind. You will find the details in the Liebster Award post on my Poems Set Free site if you want to participate. Mairi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No pressure Steve. I wasn’t going to do it when I received the award, but I actually really enjoyed it; a pleasant change from writing poems and it made me think about why I do it.


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