Soldier Boy

Steve Pearson Poetry

Beautiful baby boy, borne by love aside their tree
Dreamed of, now beheld, now as loved as loved can be
Primitive the bond upon the fresh made family formed
To each the other affirm the life new baby has adorned.

Then baby becomes soon the boy just about to stride
First to fall, caught by mother, with father by her side.
Soon to walk, soon to talk, soon to run and play
Soon to sit by parents side, hours to while away.

Dreams begin upon the boy’s adventurous designs
He marches to imagined tunes towards imagined lines
Mummy calls her little soldier to table filled with fare
He tells his tales of heroic deeds played out upon the air

Daddy fills the son with pride in days of play together
In many ways, in games, in fun, in every kind of weather
His father’s son, he grows upon every wise…

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