Steve Pearson Poetry

Paranoia pervades where sickness dwells
As dark clouds occluding the moon
Fanatical fear of the government gun
Is where the absurd do commune.

Coming, they’re coming, is the redolent cry
Festooned with the shiny and shrill
Like magpies they gather the manic deranged
In search of a reason to kill.

Wearing their guns like children in play
The rights they vow to defend
Descend from historical pages of yore
For yesterday’s men to depend.

They treat disapproval with dismissive scorn,
The second amendment invoked,
But the right of free speech for every man,
The first amendment? Revoked.

Forget the fallen, the lost young life?
Ignore the obvious truth?
I can’t. I won’t. I will have my say.
For me. For them. For sooth.

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