The Misery Broker

Steve Pearson Poetry

The maelstrom swirls
As the wash shuffle curls
And the dealer builds his pack
The dealer doles
To expectant holes
Mine, diamond ace and jack.
Chip trick bade
Chip twirl made
And the gun is calling raise
Gun plus one
Cards are gone
Tossed to the mocking baize.
Gun plus two
Is also through
But middle raises again
Pot sized bet
Big and wet
Loaded up with pain.
Hijack – me,
Could it be,
This is just a bluff?
Nothing there
Just bluff and air,
Is calling flat, enough?
One fifth stack
An ace and jack
Suited, but shit he’s strong.
Screw it, I’m in.
In it to win.
Uh, oh, that might be wrong.
Fold after fold,
It soon gets old.
Heads up to the flop go I.
One fifth stack
Can’t take them back
Oh why, oh why, oh why?
Stare at the dude
With loaded mood

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