A bare patch of grey
Amid lively green
A smear of faded affection
Blithely thrown away
Like a faded dream
A casual swipe of rejection
The insular reduction
Falls to division
And Britain’s cohesion aflame
Our own destruction
Disastrous scission
Riven and mired in our shame


4 thoughts on “Brexit

    1. I feel desperately sorry for the younger generation of Britain as they face up to a future they overwhelmingly didn’t want. Those that will have to live with this dreadful decision for the longest time voted three to one to stay in the EU.

      The optimism of youth recognised that Europe was our future, whilst the bitter and inward looking older generations overwhelmingly voted to leave.

      I’m ashamed of what my generation, and the generation of my parents have done to those to whom we owe the future. Instead of handing over a wonderful Great Britain that effectively extended for thousands of miles beyond our shores, instead of promising them a life that had possibilities stretching well beyond their horizons, we have nailed their feet to an island just off the mainland of Europe, and reduced them to an insular future.

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