Love Letter from the NRA

Like the tick of a clock, again we see
Innocents torn away
We recoil in shock and Americans agree
Today is finally the day.
Then the NRA with threat and thrall
Denude all naked fact,
Their politicians in tow, their clarion call
Blithely decries the act
While within their hollow blue steel hearts
Hateful abuse ferments,
Waiting for when the campaign starts,
Pleading for gun sense.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, it’s coming again,
Who’s child is next to die?
The parents will scream their children’s name
Whilst the NRA will deny.
Their dollars buy the cold, bloodied hands
Of the politicians vile.
Ignoring the families grieving demands,
Sat on their money pile.
Fuck you GOP, you’re steeped in death,
Proxy child killers one and all.
You dance to the sound of their dying breath
Answering the NRA call.


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