I am the thought that you shouldn’t speak
I am the glint in your eye
I crush the reason that would steer you away
I careen you to lead you awry.

I feed your dark core and corrupt your control
I reduce the extremity line
I throw open the doors of the morality zoo
I obscure the clamour to decline.

If your want becomes need I can readily lead
To ruin and coming undone
If your need begets hell I can easily tell
The end of depend has begun.

So drink, and allow me to live in your stead
I will be King of despair
You will be serf to your lack of self worth
You’re done, it’s over, you’re there.


4 thoughts on “Alcoholism

  1. I really relate to the despair and nihilism of this poem. I was using cocaine and drinking 22 hours a day and making myself sick 3 times a day as I’m bulimic. I was warned by the doctors that every time I made myself sick on that quantity of cocaine I could have a fatal heart attack and was given 3 months to live. But because my mother was in a terrible state after multiple strokes I thought I wanted to die. I actually enjoyed the fact that I was destroying myself. My response when I thought I was having a heart attack was to take more cocaine. It was until my family forced me into treatment and a period of enforced abstinence cleared my head that I realised I didn’t want to die. That intervention saved my life I was 11 years clean at the beginning of this year and after a lot of therapy all my addictions and mental health problems are in recovery and I am happier and more peaceful than I have ever been.


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